Pray – Test – Pray


The last few times I have mentioned Splankna Therapy, I have noticed a new reaction: “Oh, muscle testing. Yes, I have heard of that.” Or, “Tapping. I have heard of that.”

Splankna is not synonymous with the methods it uses, but these people are on the right track.

I describe Splankna a few different ways. Today, the holistic approach of this pray-test-pray protocol. Listen with your heart and weigh it for yourself in prayer. If it’s not for you, no worries.  Stay discerning and hunger after Him. He’ll find you there on your path. But for those who resonate with what I’m saying here, lean in. He’ll meet you right here, too.

How we work: We are created to be comprised of body, mind (soul), and spirit. We are not and cannot ever be more body than mind or spirit, or mind than body or spirit, or spirit than body or mind. We are created in the image of God, who is also a triune Being. (For more on this, check out Expectant Parents Workshop: Study Guide).

  •  Body: Due to this inseparable connection, we do not just store or experience thoughts and emotions in our brain. Our full body, along with the brain, is a fascinating network of electrical impulses and neurochemicals regulated by the brain (and possibly even vice-versa). A helpful way to view it is like this: if our conscious mind is the computer screen, then our body is the hard drive.
  • Mind (Soul): Our mind is constantly working to make sense of our surroundings. Our subconscious (though flawed and biased) is very aware, and from a very young age (in utero, to be exact), it starts working to help us. Recognizing any situation that looks or feels like a situation we have experienced before, it will scan the body for stored information. Particularly if the information found is negative, it can be applied to (theoretically) help us avoid that type of experience again. The information is connected to our present circumstance, and is then utilized to “fuel” our response. (This is why sometimes we can recognize that our heightened response does not match the severity of a current situation, such as in PTSD or anxiety).
  • Spirit: As believers, we know that the enemy prowls around like a lion waiting to devour us. In the moments described above, we are vulnerable. The enemy isn’t looking for a worthy opponent; he is looking for an easy win. So it is in these moments that he’ll present us with an offer for help which, in a quick and subconscious decision, can make sense to us. And although our battle was already won on the cross, the enemy is not finished deceiving and will lie, cheat, and steal to gain our agreement in order to move us out from under God’s authority in any way possible. This isn’t always a salvation issue, but it can be (and yes, unbelievers CAN and HAVE found salvation through Splankna) .

Connecting the dots: recognizing that these vulnerable times are confusing, we are wise to seek a little help with figuring out how our perception has been skewed from what is actually going on (aka, Truth seeking). We are blind to ourselves, and can end up caught in some of our coping mechanisms in order to survive, without a map on how to get back to where we started. That’s where the muscle testing and “tapping” come in. Using muscle testing, we create an emotional “map” to figure out how we landed in a given agreement with the enemy. Along the way, we also release the “fuel” of old situations using methods such as EFT (“Tapping”) and EMDR. We are then able to approach God with clear eyes and sincere hearts. We can confess that we were “punk’d” and admit the ways we chose to step outside of His authority. And HE responds every time in his covenant of love, because that is who He is.

And we can receive His mercy, and experience His healing.


Jennifer DeBrito, CSP, CCLD, CCBE is a Master Splankna Practitioner and  Colorado Springs Doula and Childbirth Educator. She is the owner of Eden’s Promise, LLC and the founder of the Adopt-A-Mom Project. She authored Expectant Parents Workshop: Devotional, and is the creator of the Expectant Parents Workshop childbirth preparation class. Jennifer also specializes in prenatal and postpartum wellness coaching. To learn more about Jennifer, go to