Why Verbal Processors Might Need Non-Verbal Therapy More Than They Think

Are you a verbal processor? Have you lost faith in talk therapy after wasting your time in the office of someone who wasn’t a good match for going head-to-head with your deepest thoughts?

Some of life’s greatest laughs and best conversations can come from sitting in the presence of someone like you. But when it comes to trying to help you work through something, some of us (friends, family, talk therapists) may find that we come up short.


You are wired how you are for a reason. If we look at how your wiring as a verbal processor contributes to your spiritual gifting, we can see that you are probably gifted for exhortation, words of wisdom, and teaching. (Even if you don’t do this professionally, it is still probably a big part of your favorite relationships if you look closely!).

Your wiring is great for when you are the teacher, because you are naturally able to bring the conversation back around to your point. But in the setting of talk therapy, because of that same wiring, it can take a while for the therapist to bring you back around to their teaching point.

When you are paying a therapist by the hour, this can be downright frustrating.

Non-verbal therapies which use alternative methods to access the body’s stored emotions (such as muscle testing, emotion mapping, tapping, etc) can be extremely helpful for getting to the heart of things quickly.

“Non-verbal” does not mean that you don’t talk; you definitely still get to talk! But gentle, non-verbal tools can provide you with your own outline from which you can learn. A good Splankna practitioner will be there to guide you using Biblical principles and prayer, while your map shows you where you are at emotionally, why, and how to fix it.

Ah, progress. Doesn’t that sound nice?



Jennifer DeBrito is a Master Splankna Therapist and owner of Eden’s Promise. She is proud to consult with and provide services to neighboring nonprofits through Adopt-A-Mom and authored the Expectant Parents Workshop childbirth preparation series.

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