Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller


“Choosing to have a doula is definitely the best decision my husband and I made for this pregnancy. Especially knowing there was a great chance he wouldn’t be there due to deployment I needed someone who can be my main support person during delivery. Amanda was so calming and encouraging during my labor she listened to my body and knew when it was time to head over to the hospital, she stood up for me when they didn’t want to admit me because they said I was not in labor yet!! I had the best experience definitely worth every penny to have an amazing support and help. Can’t wait to do the belly binding.” – Ghia


“I had Amanda as my doula for my home birth in August. She was a fantastic help! She taught my husband and I many different ways to get labor to progress and pain managing techniques. If it wasn’t for her suggestions and calming presence I’m not sure how I would have managed. Thank you so much Amanda, you were awesome!” – Lisha


“I worked with Amanda and used the belly binding and absolutely loved it. Amanda was very helpful from beginning to end. When I was curious about the product, she answered all my questions with honesty and knowledge. She was very informative, friendly, professional and quick to respond. After answering all my questions she got started on making my wrap. She had it finished quickly and plenty of time before delivery. After delivery she got in contact with me and came to bring me the wrap and to show me how it worked the day after I got home. She wrapped me the first day while showing me how to do it. She also offered help if I didn’t get it when I tried myself, though I didn’t need it because she explained it so easily. As for the wrap itself, I absolutely loved it. After my delivery it felt so good to put the wrap on. It made me feel like much better and helped a ton with recovery. This is my second child, but first time with the wrap and my recovery was so much quicker. By five days postpartum I was past the worst part already. I also was able to see a significant decrease in my belly. Lost most of the baby pooch. This wrap is amazing and made recovery so much more bearable and made my uterus contract so much quicker. I will be using it for future births and definitely recommend it and Amanda to anyone I know who is having a baby.” – Erin


“Amanda was wonderful to work with. She taught us a lot about laboring, coping with labor, and positioning the baby. With her help we even ensured that our baby was facedown in the right position! In the end, we had to have a C-section, but Amanda was very supportive and encouraging and helpful the whole way through! I also had Amanda and do the binding for me. I love it! It is very soft, and very pretty! Great to wear all the time and a lot more comfortable than the Velcro ones that you can get in the hospital or online.”- Llana

“Having our second baby, we weren’t sure if we wanted to hire a doula this time around. We are SO glad we did- and we are especially glad that we hired Amanda! With our first baby, the pain seemed endless and completely unmanageable. Amanda (with those blessed hips squeezes!!) provided physical support that helped me stay on top of the pain. I felt like my experience this time around was vastly different- so much better. I will always be grateful to Amanda and highly recommend her!” – Elyce



Amanda Miller is co-owner of Doodlebug Doulas. She is an Approved Birth Professional of the Eden’s Promise Initiative, a Holistic Christian Birth Movement committed to the Faith and Freedom approach in Colorado Springs, CO.