Jennifer DeBrito

Recommendations – Doula Services

“Jen was our doula for the birth of our son in December [2010]. Josiah was our first child and Jen’s services were absolutely integral to a wonderful, positive experience. I did not go into pregnancy necessarily desiring natural birth, but Jen’s counsel and support allowed me to go epidural-free and have an amazing labor, delivery and recovery! Not only that, but we were able to achieve our highest objective to have a Christ-centered birth. I highly recommend Eden’s Promise!”

— Suzanne Hadley Gosselin (Author, Expectant Parents). 3 children with Jen, 2010, 2012, and 2014

“Jen met with us in the months leading up to the birth, teaching and preparing us for what was to come. My husband really appreciated the fact that she included tips for how he could help me both before the birth and during. The birth of our son could not have gone more perfectly…She helped me every step of the way and in return we got the most special gift — our son! What I love most about Jen is she never forced me into any particular birthing process; she educated me in all my options and let me know from the start that she was there to represent us in anything we may need. Thank you Jen for making our birth story such a fond and memorable experience! We highly recommend her to anyone expecting. We’ll definitely use her again!”

— Emily M. 2 children with Jen, 2011 and 2013

“…I told Jen, and it’s more than true, we could not have done this without her, she was a priceless gift to us. There are many options when it comes to labor/delivery; Jen joins in with your hopes and wishes when it comes to your experience. Giving birth was one of the most amazing faith experiences and miracles I have experienced, Jen will always hold a very special place in our family. We can’t wait to work with Jen again!”

— Karin R. 2 children with Jen, 2012 and 2014

“One of the things that resonated so strongly was Jen’s desire to come alongside my husband, to help him to help me, instead of her getting in between us. She explained that this would be something that would bring us closer together as a couple and as a family. That was huge for us! Jen also encouraged me that whatever happens, it will be our birth experience and it will be amazing…She also wrote out our birth story which is a precious reminder of Cameron’s birth. I have recommended Jen to so many friends and look forward to having her as our Doula “the next go round!””

— Danielle W. 2 childen with Jen, 2011 and 2013


Jen has been a God-send to us. With our second child, she brought a confidence and reassurance that we could do this again. In times of doubt or confusion, she was able to help realign and bring clarity to the situation. We sought her out as we had no family in the area and needed the extra support. She went above and beyond our expectations. She was an extraordinary asset to my wife and did an awesome job coaching me, the coach.

— Matt Luecht (Author, #IAmWorthIt). VBAC with Jen, 2013

“My first child’s birth was rather traumatic, and as I approached the birth of my second I realized that I was struggling with a lot of fears about the birth process. My husband and I sought a doula who was experienced, knowledgable, calm, and wise, and found all of these things and more in Jen.Instead of following a rote pre-natal meeting routine, Jen customized our pre-natal visits to deal with the issues that most concerned us. I found great comfort and encouragement as she walked us through a process of healing and preparation. My husband and I greatly appreciated her focus on Christ above all.

My daughter’s birth was a more joyful and blessed experience than I ever could have dreamed! Jen struck a fantastic balance of providing encouragement and comfort without being overbearing or intrusive. She showed great discernment in the way she interacted with my husband, supporting him in a way that allowed him to be my main coach and guide. She was an absolute professional when dealing with the hospital staff, helping my desires be met without being pushy or rude.

With Jen as a part of my birth team, every need was met, every fear was calmed, and everyone was empowered to fulfill their role. She brought a quiet calm and confidence to the whole process that was just what I needed. Above all, she helped to keep God at the center of the experience and honor Him in everything. She was a joy and a blessing to work with, and I’d absolutely recommend her to anyone!”

— Karalee S.2014

Recommendations – Expectant Parents Workshop
Heya Jen,
I just wanted to shoot you a message to say a huge THANK YOU!!! Your class really prepared both of us for what was to be our most wonderful adventure yet. I felt way more connected to the only true source of strength we have, our heavenly father and indwelling Holy Spirit. He enabled us to have a wonderful (and very quick) delivery of our baby girl!! We felt peace throughout, and we saw and were thankful for each of the details that our Father so perfectly crafted together. Even now, we see Him working in and through the postpartum period, even with our failed expectations become a blessing in disguise. THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing what you do, exactly what our Creator crafted YOU to do!!! -Kristin M., 2015
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Jennifer DeBrito, CSP, CCLD, CCBE is a Master Splankna Practitioner Colorado Springs Doula and Childbirth Educator. She is the owner of Eden’s Promise, LLC and the founder of the Eden’s Promise Initiative. She authored Expectant Parents Workshop: Devotional, and is the creator of the Expectant Parents Workshop childbirth preparation class. Jennifer was the 3-time doula to Suzanne Hadley Gosselin (esteemed author of Expectant Parentsa pregnancy/childbirth/parenting book by Focus on the Family). In addition to coaching expectant parents toward a Christ-centered childbirth, Jennifer also specializes in prenatal and postpartum wellness coaching and Splankna Therapy Colorado Springs. Jennifer is a featured blogger for To learn more about Jennifer, go to