Splankna Therapy

“What on Earth is Splankna Therapy?”

Over the seven years that I was a birth worker, I came to realize that while my support at births brings increased likelihood of a positive birthing experience, there is still something missing. Having written a devotional to address worth issues, birth idolatry, and relational pitfalls, and having created a workshop to help prepare couples in body, mind, and spirit for the event of childbirth, the fact remains that each outcome is highly personal; there is no “formula” to ensure a trauma-free birth.

Each person’s life experiences are so highly unique; there is simply no way to truly predict how a woman’s body will react to labor and childbirth. Additionally, there is no way to fully predict how the challenges of parenthood might stress the marital relationship. Conscious, physical/mental/spiritual/relational preparation is imperative, yet even while this is occurring, the subconscious mind continues to play a role as an unpredictable variable in the birthing process–just as it does in other life experiences. Just as Romans 7 describes, we can’t always do whatever it is that we know we want to do- no matter how hard we think we try.


Why Splankna?

Brought to my knees by a few of my own life experiences, I encountered a holistic, decidedly Christian approach to emotional health that was highly effective for dealing with exactly this kind of conundrum. Incorporating elements from Thought Field Therapy, EMDR and Neuro-Emotional Technique, and also incorporating prayer as an integral part of every session, I have found what I believe could be a turning point for expectant parents everywhere–and the generations that follow.

As a Master Splankna Practitioner and Certified Christian Labor Doula and Childbirth Educator, I can help expectant parents to prepare for childbirth, parenthood, and life, from a truly holistic and Christian perspective.

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